Utube vs Youtube – Youtube vs Utube, Which came first the chicken or the egg? The You or the U, the Adsense or the um.. add sense. It seems like firms love to cash in on other people’s ideas. Sometimes it is innocent enough, such as the uTube vs. YouTube fracas. Or other times its corporate bullying, such as Google, Inc. & Adsense. (There was an adsense dot com that expressed malcontent as Google never asked to use the name, and why should they, they have more money.) uTube vs. YouTube is the same thing, YouTube never asked, chad and what’s his name, yeah, they didn’t’ care, or probably even think about it. Even if they did, the spellings are far enough apart that i don’t thunk uTube has really got a case, i mean they make pipe fittings. However, not to be deterred, their 1500 a hits/month website (for comparison ThunkDifferent.com generated over 1500+ hits yesterday) They now receive 2 million… Adwords anyone? So, in a way, things are ok.. but sometimes things are not. Let’s take a situation that is happening to me right now. It is not too unlike uTube & You Tube in respect to a similar name, & we do offer similar services; however we actually aren’t competing for different domains. You see this dispute is taking place in a physical location and like a corporate bully, this company has more money, so they just do what they want. That is bs, and more than likely illegal.. but in my case as we are dealing with international law, and a reckless corporate beast, it is rather intimidating to open a conversation with them until I have my story down pat. The staff they hired from me will not talk, even though they are working for me and i have been a fair employer as best as I could be. Of course regarding more information, i would like to know more, but basically i can only see that this corporation came in, took my domain, hired my workforce, and will use all my work as their own. This is all a very new business lessons to me, and most difficult to deal with. But like uTube & You Tube it shows two different perspectives of trying to get ahead, and trying to salvage what they had. in my case i’ll be checking out videos on uTube, however no longer am able to do so in my space. (source: news.com)

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